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Q&A with Bryan Beaver, Territory Sales Manager

At Kent, we are passionate about the beef industry. The desire for a better beef feed is what started the company in 1927 and continues to drive our efforts today. A big part of the driving force behind our innovations is the passion our team has for the beef industry. To learn more about what fuels our teams’ passion, we asked some of them a few questions.

BRYAN BEAVER – Western Pennsylvania

Q: How long have you had cattle and/or been part of the beef industry?

A: I was introduced to beef cattle during my first animal science class in college. It was eye opening to me that these creatures were so efficient and manageable for their size. I quickly fell in love and knew they would be part of my life and farm going forward.

Q: What is the most enjoyable part of being in the beef industry?

A: The people in the beef industry are what make it most enjoyable for me. Whether they’ve been in it their entire life or just entering the beef world for the first time, they’re all willing to lend a hand or learn from individuals in the industry. A close second would be that beef is so enjoyable to consume!

Q: What Kent product(s) do you feel have made a difference for you or your customers?

A: The Framework 365 Mineral products have made a major impact on my animals as well as producers I work with in the industry. Whether you are interested in better looking animals, increased success rate in reproduction or improved overall health of your herd, these products have done it all, consistently.

Q: What is your favorite cut of beef?

A: The brisket is my favorite cut when it comes to overall taste, it’s what I had for dinner at my wedding and what I would choose more often if the option presents itself. When it comes to steaks, I prefer the NY strip – tender, juicy, and flavorful!


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