Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of the TRUE BLUE Club

Renewal Date

Membership is granted for one year from date of purchase, also known as your Anniversary Date. You may renew your membership early, but your new Membership Year won’t begin until your Anniversary Date, when your rewards-to-date will be reset as well.

Reward Limits

There is no maximum number of UPCs and/or Weight Circles you can redeem in one transaction, but rewards are limited to a maximum of $500 per membership year, per account. That limit resets on your Anniversary Date as long as you are a paid member.

CANADIANS PLEASE NOTE: All currencies referenced in the TRUE BLUE Club materials are in US Dollars.

Proof of Purchase

Weight Circles are the only acceptable proof of purchase for Kent Dynasty Secure. UPCs from Kent Dynasty Secure will NOT be accepted. UPCs from the bags will be the only acceptable proof of purchase for ALL other qualifying products.

UPCs should be taken directly from the back of the bag only. UPCs from the feed tag will NOT be accepted.

CANADIANS PLEASE NOTE: For Canadian residents, the ONLY acceptable proof of purchase for Blue Seal Horse Feeds is the entire feed tag from the bag.

Time Limits

If your membership expires after you request a redemption but before you send the related UPCs and/or Weight Circles, we must receive those proofs of purchase within 30 days of that expiration.

Please allow six to eight weeks to receive your Welcome Packet after paying for your first year’s membership. Also allow six to eight weeks for your rewards to arrive after mailing us your UPCs and/or Weight Circles.

Program Restrictions

The TRUE BLUE Club is intended for consumers of Blue Seal horse feed products. Therefore, dealers and distributors are not allowed to sign up to receive rewards.

Only one account is allowed per email address.

Only products listed at kentfeeds.com/trueblue are eligible for this program. The list of Qualifying Products may be modified at any time without prior notice, and the program itself may be modified or discontinued without notice.

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