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photo of several Clydesdales

Wayne Mast

Suttler Post Farm is home to southern Maryland’s only six-horse hitch of Clydesdales, featuring 11 Clydesdale geldings. In 2001, Wayne Mast, owner of Suttler Post Farm Clydesdales, LLC went to an Amish auction in Pennsylvania with his daughter. She fell in love with a Clydesdale named Doc. Wayne purchased Doc for his daughter hoping to …

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photos of Jason and two daughters

Jason Johnson

Jason, Sasha, Sara, Jacee, and Justin Johnson Jason Johnson Show Lambs is the Johnson family, consisting of Jason and Sasha Johnson, and their three children: Sara, Jacee, and Justin. They run around 250 ewes, raising Suffolks, Hampshires, and Crossbred market lambs in Delavan, Wisconsin. Some of their favorite Kent products are 20 Lamb for their …

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travis perry

Travis Perry

Travis, Kirstin, Bailey and Bryson Perry Travis and his wife Kirstin started Perry Swine Genetics (PSG) in 1990. Since then, they have welcomed two daughters, Bailey and Bryson, to the family. The Perry’s reside in Monticello, Indiana where they currently run 40-50 sows, focusing on show pigs, and boar semen sales. Perry Swine Genetics raises …

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photo of the Boysen family

K Boysen Showpigs

Kale, Koby, and Kabe Boysen K Boysen Showpigs includes brothers Kale, Koby, and Kabe Boysen, with the help and support of their parents, Duane and Jodi Boysen of Wapello, Iowa. The boys started showing pigs in 2006, but their roots go deep in the farmland just west of town. K Boysen Showpigs started in 2012 …

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Sharon White

Sharon White is one of the top event riders in the country, with 25 years of competitive experience in the United States and Europe. She’s a respected trainer and teacher whose uncanny connection with horses is well-known by peers and students alike. She’s also a self-described perfectionist who pushes herself every day to “be the …

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photo of Lisa Steele

Lisa Steele

Lisa Steele is a champion for our Blue Seal Home Fresh Poultry Feeds! In addition to being a bestselling poultry author (her first book Fresh Eggs Daily: Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens Naturally is still one of the top-selling chicken keeping books almost five years since its release), Lisa Steele is the darling of the backyard …

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Paul Fuller and dog

Paul Fuller

Paul Fuller shot his first pheasant over a point when he was 10 years old. He was hooked on bird hunting forever. “I went hunting every day after school during season and on the weekends,” says Fuller, who grew up in Ohio’s farm country. “I was totally immersed.” Fuller’s father was a veterinarian who always …

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Andy Platner

Andy Platner

Platner Show Pigs focuses on the production of quality pigs that compete and win in show rings across the country. The operation of about 120 sows, owned and operated by Andy Platner, is located outside of Mechanicsville, Iowa. It consists of both high-quality purebreds and crossbreds. Andy began breeding and selling high-quality show pigs upon …

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photo of the Gradert family

Rick Gradert

Rick, Shari, Tyler and Adam Gradert — Geneseo, IL   Gradert Show Pigs is a family-owned show pig operation based in Geneseo, Illinois. The Graderts strive to provide high-quality swine projects to youth exhibitors across the country. The Graderts run about 20 sows, consisting of Crossbreds, Chesters, and Spots, offering follow-up service that helps customers do …

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