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Chris Arentsen

Chris Arentsen is one of the most well-respected breeders, trainers and halter horse showmen in the industry today. He’s been showing competitively for more than 20 years, having competed, and won, in countless major world shows. From the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA), Appaloosa Horse Club (APHC) and American Paint Horse Association (APHA), to Palomino, Buckskins and Pinto — Chris has been recognized as a world champion many times over.

Today, customers from all over the country seek out Chris Arentsen Quarter Horses to raise their horses into world champions. And Chris knows that a critical piece of his (and the horses’) success is their feed. For more than 15 years, Chris has been relying exclusively on Kent Sentinel to feed his world champions.

“It greatly reduces the risk of colic or choke, because it’s already been through the process of being extruded and is much more digestible” says Chris. “It’s an excellent feed for what we do with halter horses. The quality of the coat, the top line, adding weight to their middle — you can tell the difference.”

Between breeding and raising, Chris relies heavily on Sentinel Safe Start for his broodmares and foals.

“All of our broodmares use Safe Start when they’re carrying, and as soon as the little ones start creep feeding, we have Safe Start right in front of them,” says Chris.

And for those customers who are carrying at home before coming to his facilities, he gets them on Safe Start as early as possible. It’s a critical component to his overall program — and to raising his world champions.

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“A horse has gotta have that wow factor to win — and that takes proper nutrition.”

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