Get Your Home and Yard Fall Ready

Get Your Home and Yard Fall Ready

Fall is a beautiful season and taking the time now to get ready for winter may help you avoid last minute cleanup and costly repairs.

Fall Yard Clean Up
A yard full of thick and sometimes wet leaves can be annoying and bad for next year's lawn. Raking has dual benefits. It's good for the grass and good physical exercise for you. All you need is a rake. Blue Seal carries a wide variety of rakes and leaf bags for all your lawn clean-up needs.

Remember to determine where your leaf piles will go after collection, whether it's in a bag, on a curb, back into the garden as mulch, or into a backyard compost pile. It's up to you to know your city's Yard Waste & Composting Laws before you decide on your clean-up plan, as these laws can vary from place to place.

Wrap Things Up With Burlap
Freezing temperatures, icy wind and heavy snow can be bad news for your shrubberies, but a burlap wrapping provides protection. Young bushes or ones located on the edge of their hardiness zones are particularly vulnerable. Remember that even evergreen bushes can suffer permanent foliage damage from winter weather and heavy snow. Burlap allows air and water through, so your bush or shrub won't become waterlogged and rot. Burlap also protects against the sun's rays, which can cause a bush to warm up and begin growing again during a temporary warm spell.

Repelling Rodents
As the weather begin to get colder, rodents begin to look for a warm nesting place. Make your yard and home unsuitable with the proper repellent. The natural ingredients in Bonide's Mouse Magic, trigger avoidance behaviors in mice driving them from homes, sheds, patios, etc. This unique new method of rodent control combines the effectiveness of natural essential oils with the convenience of 'place pack' technology. Simply locate 'place packs', anywhere mice can enter, feed or nest.

Fall Decor - Pumpkins and Corn Stalks
Nothing represents fall quite like pumpkins & cornstalks. Garnish your entrance way with any combination of these autumn favorites and transform your home into a spectacle. Cornstalks are a popular item in fall arrangements. Add in a simple assortment of pumpkins in different sizes and shapes and you've got a great way to show off your  fall style. Create a timeless and cozy fall look, with our wide assortment of cornstalks and pumpkins, available now at your local Blue Seal.

Stock Up On Ice Melt
Be ready before the first snowfall of the season with your choice of ice melt products for your driveways and sidewalks. Beat the rush and avoid driving in snow by stocking up on ice melt now while it's still available!

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