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Home Fresh® Poultry Feed

Here for a healthy, happy life.

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Home Fresh® Poultry Feed

Here for a healthy, happy life.

A wholesome life starts with a healthy flock

Superior-quality ingredients ensure a superior quality of life. Home Fresh Poultry Feeds provide your flock with the complete and balanced nutrition they need to stay healthy and happy.

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The foundation to grow and thrive

With Home Fresh Poultry Feeds, you’re giving your flock an easy-to-feed diet, full of the fresh, premium-quality ingredients they need to be healthy.

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A lifetime of balanced nutrition

No matter the life stage of your flock, we have a high-quality Home Fresh formula to meet their specific nutritional needs.


Consistent quality in every bag

Our nutritionists precisely formulate each of our poultry feeds with just the right balance of vitamins, minerals and important nutrients.

fresh from our family to yours

Kent Nutrition Group is a family-owned, American company that believes raising animals is a lifestyle that leads to growth in more ways than one. At Kent, we’ll supply the nutrition so you can provide the nurturing.

Home Fresh Starter Crumble AMP

Grow chicks 0-8 weeks old into healthy and strong birds with just the right balance of essential nutrients.

  • 20% protein to support optimal growth and development
  • Prebiotics and enzymes for digestive health
  • Guaranteed levels of vitamins and minerals to grow strong birds

Home Fresh Multi-Flock Chick N Game Starter/Grower 22 Crumble

Get your entire flock of chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, pheasants, quail and chukars off to a strong start

  • Complete and balanced with a higher 22% protein blend to support growth and development
  • Essential amino acids aid in reproduction and support of healthy skin and feathers
  • Vitamin E and selenium for a healthy immune system

Home Fresh Extra Egg Layer

Get the most production out of your laying hens 20+ weeks old with this complete and nutritious chicken feed.

  • Balanced 16% protein blend to support growth and reproduction
  • Guaranteed high levels of calcium to promote quality eggs with stronger shells
  • Formulated with Yolk Rich natural ingredients for vibrant, golden-yolk eggs

five stars

“I switched to Home Fresh Extra Egg Layer six months ago, and the chickens haven’t stopped laying eggs.”

five stars

“My chicks are on their second week of Home Fresh Starter. The chicks are thriving and growing significantly since switching. They love the crumbles.”

five stars

“They were picky about the other brands but ate Home Fresh Extra Egg Layer like it was a treat. Egg production is up!”

five stars

“It is my first time raising baby chicks. Home Fresh Starter is the only food they are eating. They all look happy and healthy. Highly recommend!”

five stars

“My chickens love Home Fresh Extra Egg Layer, and it doesn’t contain any ingredients I don’t want them having.”

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