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A leap forward in animal health.

Better animal health starts with better nutrition. So every time you feed your animals, you want to know you’re giving them the best possible nutrition.  That’s why we created NutriVantage® Nutrition Optimizer®, a research-driven nutritional feed supplement designed to help animals achieve their optimal health performance and genetic potential.

NutriVantage is available in a series of species-specific formulas created by our staff of Ph. D. nutritionists.  NutriVantage delivers health benefits and optimal nutrition at every feeding —that’s what makes NutriVantage a smarter choice, every time.


The science behind NutriVantage

At the foundation of our NutriVantage formulas, are unique nutritional components that provide a blend of organic macromolecules, trace minerals, antioxidants, and chelating agents.  These components, when combined with other specie-specific ingredients, all work together to both synergize and optimize the nutritional ingredients in the specie formula so it can have better nutritional absorption within the animal’s digestive tract.

This means that with every feeding of our research-driven NutriVantage species-specific formulas, your animals are getting a research driven feed supplement that supports your animal’s precise nutritional needs. That is what makes NutriVantage the balanced animal feed Nutrition Optimizer.

Only available from Kent and Blue Seal

NutriVantage Nutrition Optimizer is a research-driven exclusive nutritional feed supplement that is only available from Kent Nutrition Group, the maker of Kent® and Blue Seal® branded products — the trusted experts in animal nutrition for generations.

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