Velocity Formula

Velocity™ Formula is a high-protein, highly fortified milk replacer for advanced feeding of dairy replacement heifers.

Velocity2 22 Pellet is a coarse, complete calf starter.

Velocity2 Mixer features multiple protein sources supplying an optimal balance of lysine and methionine to provide the nutrients calves need up to 400 lb.


  • Quality protein from a combination of milk proteins and plasma
  • Quality fat that is protein encapsulated for good suspension
  • High levels of vitamins A, D and E
  • NRC-recommended levels of B vitamins
  • Minerals and trace minerals from highly available sources, including selenium from selenium yeast
  • Balanced for lysine and methionine to provide the calf’s underdeveloped digestive system the amino acids it needs.
  • Organic selenium to help improve calf immunity, prevent white muscle disease, has antioxidant properties and helps promote thyroid metabolism.
photo of Velocity bags

Velocity Formula Products