The What, Who, Why and When

The What, Who, Why and When of feeding Lower Starch, Lower Sugar, Lower Non-Structural Carbohydrates (NSC) feed to your horse. We sat down with Jeanne van der Veen, equine nutritionist for Sentinel Horse Feeds and Kristyn Sturken, equine product manager for Sentinel Horse Feeds to get the scoop on low starch, low sugar and low

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Horse feed forms and benefits

Horse Feed Forms and Benefits When going to the local feed store or researching what kind of nutrition you should be feeding your horse, it is evident that there are many options out there. In addition to your horse’s life stage and activity requirements, new product offerings can be a result of current research, newly

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Feeding Fundamentals

Equine Feeding Fundamentals When sitting down to discuss equine nutrition with Dr. Randy Raub, PhD, it’s clear he knows the practical side of feeding horses. In many barns, feeding programs depend on horse numbers, lifestage, and workload, which can vary greatly. According to Randy, the foundation of a quality equine nutrition program is often overlooked

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