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Why is Native® better?

Native uses only the highest quality natural meats and grains with no corn, wheat or soy and no by-products. Our aim is to deliver to your dog the most bio-available ingredients to ensure maximum nutrient digestibility, low stool volume and a long healthy life. Native is a high performance diet with the vast majority of the protein and fat coming from animal sources.


Dogs are no different; they have an inner drive – a native passion – to perform well and do whatever it takes to always please their owners. But every canine athlete is different. Depending on the intensity of their activity, every dog has a distinct nutritional energy need.

That’s why we created Native® performance dog food. We wanted to ensure your canine athlete has a food that offers the desired nutrition and energy they need – no matter their activity level.

Our exclusive Native formulas were created for canines with owners who love spending time outdoors with them and insist on only the best for their canine athletes.

What’s bad about corn, wheat, and soy?

None of these are necessarily bad. They are simply less expensive ingredients that are not as bio-available to your dog or may have been linked to lower performance, higher stool volumes and allergic reactions.

Is the high fat diet good for my dog?

Absolutely! Dogs process fat extremely well; much better than humans. An active or performance dog needs slow burning energy sources to avoid overheating later in a workout and animal fat is the best one there is. If you see a so-called performance food that does not have animal fat in the top 4 or 5 ingredients there is probably not enough bio-available fat to support high performance. Even for a less active dog, it is better to feed a high quality food and just feed them less. Low calorie foods for active or performance dogs won’t give them adequate nutrition and may result in lots of backyard cleanup.

Isn't meat protein better than meat protein meal?

Surprisingly the answer to this question is no. It sounds better but it really isn’t. Dog food ingredients are listed by weight as they are put into the mixer before processing. Since most meat proteins may be 75% water or more, when the water is removed as part of the production process the level of actual meat remaining is substantially less. So if chicken, beef or pork, for example, is your first ingredient by weight when added, it is actually about your 4th or 5th ingredient once the water is removed. This leaves your dog lacking the necessary digestible meat protein. Meat protein meals such as chicken meal, beef meal and pork meal are basically meat proteins with the water removed and ground into a meal. They already have the moisture removed so they do not diminish during production. Basically meat protein meals are a much more concentrated source of protein and amino acids. This is why foods with meat protein as the first ingredient should have a meat meal as the next ingredient. If they don’t, you are simply not getting enough of the meat protein your dog needs for maximum health and performance.

Your dog will perform better – We Guarantee It!

All Native products include:

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NutriVantage® for Dogs  |  Concentrated Energy  |  Wholesome Grains  |  Antioxidant-Rich Nutrients  |  Chelated Minerals  |  Omega 3 and 6  |  Prebiotics

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