Native Kennel Program

Coupons, news, and members-only promotions

Register for our Native® Kennel Program to receive offers for money-saving coupons, the latest news relevant to your dog, special "members-only" promotions available exclusively to Program participants, and more. Just fill out the form below and you'll be on your way to enjoying these benefits with your favorite dog!

Program Requirements

  • Must care for at least eight or more dogs
  • Must be based in the United States
  • Must complete Kennel Registration Form
  • Must be directly involved in the breeding or housing of dogs
  • Must feed and recommend Native premium dog food at your kennel

What You Receive

Great incentives on value foods with premium nutrition.

Our Kennel Welcome Packet includes:

  • 1 Free Native hat
  • Prepaid program redemption envelopes

New Puppy Kits for each new litter containing:

  • New Dog Guide
  • Native product sample and coupons
  • Native brochure
  • Order New Puppy Kits by calling 1.866.647.1212
Eligible Products for Native Kennel Program

Redemption Process

Mail in Native weight circles using the pre-addressed envelope. Limit redemption mailings to no less than 20 weight circles. Kent Nutrition Group will mail you a coupon for one free 40# bag of Native dog food for every ten (10) 40# weight circles you send in. Take your coupon to your local retailer for your free bag.

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