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Wayne and Danny Mast

When Wayne Mast, owner of Suttler Post Farm Clydesdales, LLC, bought his first Clydesdale nearly three decades ago, he had never raised horses and had very little equine experience. His background on the family’s 100-acre farm in Mechanicsville, Maryland was primarily in swine, and later, tobacco.

But his daughter, Erica, fell in love with a Clydesdale named Doc while they were at an Amish auction in Pennsylvania back in 2001. Wayne bought the draft horse in the hopes of starting a horse-drawn carriage business in his area.

He and his son, Danny, now operate Maryland’s only six-horse hitch of Clydesdales from Suttler Post Farm Clydesdales, LLC, which is home to eight Clydesdales geldings. And Doc, now 27 years old, is still there.

“People always remember the first time they ever saw a Clydesdale,” Danny Mast says. “We love seeing the joy it puts on people’s faces.”

Finding the right feed for a 2,000-pound draft horse took the Masts some time, but by working with their Blue Seal representatives they’ve perfected a ration of crimped oats and Sentinel® XT™ Pro -- which they have used exclusively for more than 10 years. The Masts are long-time brand ambassadors for Blue Seal, with “Fueled by Sentinel XT Pro” displayed across all of their horse trailers.

“We couldn’t be happier with this product,” Danny says. “We’re proud of our relationship with Blue Seal.”

Along with 4.5 pounds of Sentinel XT Pro per horse, the Clydesdales also get 10 pounds of crimped oats and one pound of Min-A-Vite Light™ each day. Because the horses are used for carriage services at weddings, parades and other events, their body condition is extremely important to the Masts.

Before they switched to Sentinel, Danny observed that their Clydesdales lost too much of their winter weight too quickly in the spring. It was noticeable in their appearance, but also their energy levels.

“Before, they’d come out strong but then lose energy quick,” he says. “But we worked with our Blue Seal rep and formulated a ration that changed their performance. They always have the stamina to get through a two-hour wedding or a whole day’s worth of showing. And they look great.”

So much so that they’ve been asked to deliver the First Lady’s Christmas tree for the past three years – pulling right up to the White House on national TV. Last year, Danny’s 10-year-old son joined him and Wayne at the event – wearing a black suit and top hat just like his father and grandfather.

“Wherever we go, we hear stories from people about Clydesdales. Their grandfather had a draft horse and plowed the garden with it, or some childhood experience,” Danny says. “People have a connection somehow, some way – and if they don’t, we make it for them. Now we’ve become their story.”

Danny Mast lives on Suttler Post Farm along with his parents, Wayne and Glenda. He has three children of his own with his wife, Beth. When they’re not working, they enjoy camping, 4-H, and showing cattle, goats and pigs. For his part, Wayne likes spending time with the grandkids, cutting the grass and keeping things clean. “He’s a stickler for cleanliness,” Danny says with a laugh. “Always has been.”

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“We couldn’t be happier with this product. We’re proud of our relationship with Blue Seal.”

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