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Meet Kale Causemaker — Performance

Kale Causemaker – Senior Director of Sales, Innovative Solutions

When Kale Causemaker first started working for Kent Nutrition Group in 2006, a product called NutriVantage® was just being conceptualized. At that time, KNG’s nutritionists were only beginning their research on the now-proprietary ingredient.

“They were seeing very positive results back then, particularly in young animals with improved health and performance,” Kale recalls. “I was very interested in that product then.”

After going to work at another company for roughly a decade, Kale is back at KNG in a new specialty products role – and seeing first-hand where NutriVantage is today.

“It’s really impressive,” he says. “Through research, we’ve improved the performance of animals, and that’s precisely what we need today as producers are looking for alternatives to antibiotics. It’s exciting to be a part of it.”

Kale returned to KNG to help build the Innovation Solutions Department. He works internally with Kent Corporation and externally with strategic industry partners – an initiative he says speaks volumes about the vision of the company. To form a new business unit dedicated to advancing the animal health component in order to help producers be as efficient and profitable as possible is an ambitious – and admirable – move for business.

“We’ve got some really amazing technologies in the pipleline that are going to help with the growth and continued credibility and trust in KNG,” Kale says. “We’re not just selling a product. That’s a delivery method for what’s really a solution. And they’re new, novel technologies that deliver those solutions.”

Kale lives with his wife, Beth, in northwest Illinois. He was born and raised on a small beef and row crop farm and was active in 4-H and FFA growing up, and later in judging. He and Beth have four children, three grandchildren and a stray cat named Barb.

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