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Meet Meagan Stephens and Bryan Beaver

Territory Sales Managers, Northeast Region

For customers that Meagan Stephens and Bryan Beaver serve in the Northeast part of the country, the word “quality” has long been synonymous with Blue Seal feeds. But they believe what really sets their products apart is the service that comes with them, from helping customers develop rations and sourcing commodities to offering direct communication with qualified nutritionists for any issue, need or concern.

“Obviously if we can’t deliver on quality or performance, producers aren’t going to come to us,” Bryan says. “We’ve got that part covered. It’s the communication – the service – that makes a difference. Having personal, direct access to a team of sales people and nutritionists is almost unheard of. With Kent and Blue Seal, those things all come together for our customers.”

Personal communication with nutritionists also demonstrates Kent’s commitment to research – something Meagan says is critical to customers’ success.

“There’s peace of mind to be had in the research and the work that goes on behind our products,” she says. “We keep moving forward in research and product development, and our customers know we’re on top of that. At the end of the day, we want them to know our formulas work the best.”

Between them, Meagan and Bryan cover a large and diverse territory in the Northeast Region – from Eastern Ohio to Western Pennsylvania and half of New York state, plus the southern part of Ontario. They’ve both always lived in the region; Meagan grew up on a cow-calf operation in Dutchess County, New York and Bryan worked for a commercial swine operation in Pennsylvania before becoming a territory sales manager with Blue Seal. Meagan went to work for a Blue Seal store in New York after earning her degree in agricultural leadership, and shortly after she also took a sales position based in Vermont.

Their territories later overlapped when they moved to manage other regions, and today they collaborate often – Meagan from Syracuse and Bryan from Erie – to share feedback on dealers and producers, particularly in the area of service.

“We are in their corners, and we’re always trying to do more as a resource to help them reach their goals,” Meagan says. “I want to be there for them.”

Adds Bryan: “It’s as simple as visiting and listening and making sure we’re always looking for opportunities to help. Our region is large, but our attention is focused. Their success is what matters.”

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