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James Smith, Ph.D., Swine Nutritionist NutriVantage® SwineMAX is a proprietary blend of ingredients designed to improve growth performance and livability in growing-finishing pigs from approximately 50 pounds body weight to market. This unique blend of ingredients work hand-in-hand to improve nutrient digestion, improve the gut environment, and allow pigs to adapt to stressors throughout the feeding period. Over the winter of 2020 we evaluated the use of NutriVantage SwineMAX in a commercial unit in Northwest Iowa. This feeding trial included 1,818 pigs in a double-long tunnel ventilated, curtain sided grow-finish barn. One side of the barn was fed the farm’s typical feeding program while the other side was fed the same program with the addition of 2 pounds of NutriVantage SwineMAX per ton of feed. Pigs fed NutriVantage SwineMAX were more profitable than the pigs fed the standard feeding program. The increased profitability was due to two main effects: lower death loss and improved feed conversion. Coupling these two factors resulted in $5.23 more profit per pig when the pigs were fed NutriVantage SwineMAX. The almost 200% increase in profit per pig in the pigs fed NutriVantage SwineMAX offers an option for pig producers to increase the money in their pockets. table showing profitability of NutriVantage SwineMAX

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