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Supplemental Chromium Sources in Grown-Finish Pigs

Developing products and feed programs, to help producers raise pork more efficiently, is an ongoing effort at the Kent Research Farm. Chromium is a trace mineral that helps with the cellular uptake of glucose, which provides energy that supports growth and immunity. In addition, this added energy can be especially helpful during the summer months during heat stress events. Chromax® brand chromium tripicolinate is a scientifically researched source of organic, highly bioavailable chromium fed to sows to help improve the number of pigs born alive and number weaned, as well as having a positive effect on carcass leanness. Another source of chromium used in the industry is chromium proprionate, which has also been researched extensively in sows and grow-finish pigs. In general, added chromium sources can result in small improvements in gain and/or feed efficiency in grow-finish pigs.

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