Sentinel® Veterinarian Hub

Helping Your Patients Live Healthier Lives.

Sentinel® Veterinarian Hub

Helping Your Patients Live Healthier Lives.

Laying the foundation of equine care in nutrition.

Our expert team is here to help you and your practice make dietary recommendations, educate clients and provide your patients with quality nutrition for happy, fulfilling lives.

Dr. Randy Raub demos pressure test of extruded horse feed vs. pelleted horse feed
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Meet our nutrition team

Our equine specialists at your service.

Dr. Randel (Randy) Raub, PhD, Director of Research and Nutrition at KNG

Dr. Randel Raub, PhD

Director of Research and Nutrition

Dr. Randy Raub, PhD, started with Kent Nutrition Group in 2020 as Director, Research and Nutrition and he leads the nutrition team…

Jeanne van der Veen, Equine and Specialty Nutritionist at KNG.

Jeanne van der Veen

Equine and Specialty Nutritionist

Jeanne van der Veen joined Kent Nutrition Group in 1988 as a ruminant, equine and formulation nutritionist. Over the years, Jeanne has held multiple positions ...

Kristyn Sturken, Equine Product Manager at KNG.

Kristyn Sturken

Equine Product Manager

Kristyn Sturken started with Kent Nutrition Group in 1995 as a Territory Sales Manager and worked with retail dealers and animal owners across the eastern United States ...

Get the nutrition advice your patients need.

Our expert nutrition team is passionate about answering your dietary questions, from feed options for foals and pregnant mares to the right nutrition for horses prone to digestive upsets and metabolic issues.

Have a question for our nutritionists?

Health Management

Equine feeding goals based on health concern.

These expert recommendations are designed to help you make informed decisions on your patients’ nutritional health.

Expert nutrition notes

Is Feed Low in Starch and Sugar Right for All Horses?

Having shared the 101 of low starch, low sugar feeds, Jeanne van der Veen, equine nutritionist for Sentinel Horse Feeds and Kristyn Sturken, equine product manager for Sentinel Horse Feeds, are […]

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Horse feed forms and benefits

Horse Feed Forms and Benefits When going to the local feed store or researching what kind of nutrition you should be feeding your horse, it is evident that there are many […]

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The benefits of extruded feeds for horses

Benefits of Extruded Feeds for Horses There are many specialized and newly developed feeds and concentrates available for your horse, thanks to extensive research and testing done in the equine nutrition […]

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Soybean Meal and Protein in the Horse Diet

Learn about the importance of protein in you horses’ diet and gain a better understanding of what factors determine the quality of the protein, such as amino acids, digestibility, and processing.

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Get the latest resources from our nutrition team.

Real experiences from equine veterinarians

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“I think the nutritional value that Sentinel extruded feeds provide to our horses is excellent. It’s easier to chew and digest than pelleted feeds. The calories are higher, and the starches are predigested by the cooking process, allowing for better nutrient availability compared to pelleted feed.”

– Deme Erickson, DVM

founder of TNT Equine

“We rely on the experts in nutrition. It’s so innately important to equine health and to the general wellbeing of the horse from the beginning to the end. The Sentinel products have been extremely helpful in providing good nutritional basis for our horses.”

– Mike Davis, DVM, MS

New England Equine Medical & Surgical Center

“I grew up feeding my horses Sentinel. It’s a product that’s tried and true. It’s been around a long time. The research behind the product is great. The company itself is fantastic, and the support staff is like no other.”

– Lauri Fudge, Practice Manager

TNT Equine

Purposely formulated feeds for every equine need.

No two patients are the same, and that’s why we offer a wide range of equine feeds and supplements for all horses. When you recommend Sentinel, you can be confident you’re recommending quality nutrition for a healthy, fulfilling life.

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