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New England Equine Medical & Surgical Center (NEEMSC)

Located in Dover, New Hampshire, The New England Equine Medical & Surgical Center (NEEMSC) is a private veterinary referral hospital and practice offering specialized surgery, internal medicine, lameness, sports medicine, diagnostic imaging, ophthalmology, physical therapy and more.

As a facility that deals with a variety of health issues and surgeries, nutrition strategy is key to the recovery process for the horses in their care, which is why they’ve trusted Kent and Blue Seal for more than 16 years.

“We rely on the experts in animal nutrition, because it’s so important to equine health and to the general well being of the horse from the beginning of their lives to the end,” says Mike Davis, DVM, MS, owner and surgeon at NEEMSC. “The Sentinel products have been extremely helpful in providing a good nutritional basis for our horses.”

NEEMSC approaches nutrition as part of the unique recovery process for each individual horse. For instance, they rely heavily on Sentinel extruded feeds to ease horses back on food after GI tract surgeries. And when they’re dealing with specific diseases or genetic issues, they tailor the Sentinel feed to ensure the horse is receiving the right vitamins and minerals to help overcome the specific health issues they’re experiencing.

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“Kent and Blue Seal products have served us well, and we’re absolutely confident they will continue to.”

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