NexGen® Advanced

Cutting Edge Nutrition for Cutting Edge Genetics.

Kent NexGen nutritional products for swine began years ago when the Kent Nutrition Group set out to develop a comprehensive line of swine formulations designed for modern genetics and current production systems that delivered superior value while optimizing pig performance. Since those early days, the researchers and nutritionists at the Kent Research Facility wanted to make the best even better. The result is NexGen® Advanced, a more superior line of NexGen formulas for all stages of swine development.



Our NexGen Advanced swine products are designed to help strengthen your bottom line, making you more efficient and effective in your commercial swine business.

What is Phytase? Plant seeds contain a natural component called phytate that binds minerals like phosphorus, thus making the minerals partially or totally indigestible to pigs. The phytase enzyme breaks down phytate so that the phosphorus and other minerals are released. By supplementing diets with phytase, more of the phosphorus in the grain and oilseed meals is utilized, resulting in less supplemental phosphorus needed in the formulation of diets.

Why use Phytase? Kent research indicates that the use of phytase in swine diets will improve the utilization of phosphorus in corn and oilseed meals, reducing the amount of phosphorus supplementation needed. This lowers the phosphorus content of liquid manure and a potentially damaging buildup of excess phosphorus in the soil. For producers with sophisticated manure management plans, lowering phosphorus levels in swine manure allows them to increase the application rate.

Nutrivantage for Swine

NutriVantage® for Swine

NutriVantage® for swine is a proprietary, research driven feed supplement. This nutrient-dense mixture can help:

  • Increase feed efficiency
  • Aid in nutrient availability
  • Reduce mortality rate
  • Reduce effects of stress
  • Stimulate a positive immune response
  • Promote a healthy gut environment
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