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Trophy Image TNT Explosive Buck Blend food plot perennial mix is ideal for those secret spots only you and the deer know about.

  • Feed Form:  Granular
  • Packaging:  5-lb bag

Product Description

Trophy Image TNT food plot is a perennial mix ideal for those secret spots only you and the deer know about. This premium blend of alfalfa, ryegrass, and clovers works well in openings in wooded areas, high areas in swampy ground and just about anywhere sunlight hits the ground. Simply clear the area of existing vegetation and expose the soil to ensure ground contact.

Features & Benefits


Works well in openings in wooded areas, swampy ground high areas and just about anywhere sunlight hits the ground
Excellent blend for areas where large equipment can’t go
Perennial that can last for up to five years


Blend of high-protein forages to supplement natural habitats
Protein-rich blend of forages from early summer into late fall deer & elk love


Our proprietary Growplex CS™ soil prep helps support rapid root growth and massive forage

Plants 1/2 Acre (21,780 SQ. FT)

Nutritional Information

Guaranteed Analysis


16% Alfalfa; 13% Ryegrass; 10% Ladino Clover; 7% White Clover; 7% Red Clover; 7% Berseem Clover; 7% Alsike Clover; 34% Coating and Growplex CS

Feeding Directions

No specific feeding directions available.

Mixing Directions

Planting instructions
Step 1
- Clear as much of the ground vegetation as possible by raking, weed eating, etc. If needed, spray an herbicide to kill any unwanted vegetation. Wait the required amount of time to plant as suggested on the herbicide label.
Step 2
- Once the vegetation has been removed, rake or disturb the top layer of soil to prepare the seed bed.
- Broadcast the seed at the suggested rate of 1-1/2 lbs. per ¼ acre.
Step 3
- Spread the seed over the prepared site, and work it into the soil without burying the seed too deep. Soil contact is very important.
- Tip: Apply 50 lbs. of 10-10-10 and 150 lbs. of pelletized lime for best results.
- Recommended: Once plot is approximately 4-6” tall add 20 lbs. of a high nitrogen fertilizer such as 34-0-0.

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