ARRIVALmax® receiving feeds are research-proven for incoming cattle, to provide stressed calves nutrition for a healthier start.

  • Complete for cattle on pasture and feedlot
  • Energy for cattle on pasture and feedlot
  • Supplement for cattle on pasture and feedlot
  • Balancer for cattle on pasture and feedlot


  • NutriVantage for beef is a nutrition optimizer allowing cattle to get the most from their diet
  • KemTRACE® Chromium Propionate supports optimum performance
  • Buffers control acidity and maintain rumen function
  • Potassium helps high-stress cattle replace electrolytes and regain shrink
  • B Vitamins enhance energy metabolism
  • High Levels of Vitamins A, D and E support immune system function
  • Complexed Trace Minerals support absorption and utilization of diet
  • Selenium Yeast is a readily available source of selenium
  • Yeast supports rumen activity, feed intake, and rate of gain
  • Medication options are available with Veterinary Feed Directive
  • Optional Deccox® (decoquinate) helps prevent coccidiosis
photo of bags that contain ARRIVALmax

ARRIVALmax® Products

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