Low Soybean Meal Ration Recommendations For NexGen® Starter Program

Soybean meal is a valuable protein source in pig diets. It has an ideal blend of amino acids, which comes very close to meeting the nutritional requirements of growing pigs. Unfortunately, there can be physiological challenges when using high levels of soybean meal in pig diets, particularly with young pigs. While the manufacturing process to …

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Fortification Of NexGen® Starters With Kent Natural Yeast

By James Smith, Ph.D., Senior Technical Swine Nutritionist, and Michael Edmonds, Ph.D., Vice President, Swine and Poultry Nutrition Developing nursery feeding programs to enhance the growth, efficiency and health of nursery pigs is critical in helping producers raise more efficient pork. One area of research with pig starters involves evaluating new ingredients. We tested an …

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Meet the Websters

Phil and Lisa are 5th generation sheep farmers who also raise pigs—hundreds of pigs. Read the full article to find out why they choose Home Fresh for their sustainable, animal-centered operation.

Dietary Vitamin C Helps Health-Challenged Pigs

After weaning, it is extremely important for pigs to begin eating quickly and have access to a diet that provides energy and essential nutrients for optimum health and growth performance. Therefore, we elected to evaluate supplementing starter diets with a stable form of vitamin C (Rovimix® Stay-C® 35).

Supplemental Nutrivantage® In Grow-Finish Pigs

Developing products that can help pork producers raise healthier pigs to feed a growing population is an ongoing effort at the Kent Nutrition Group Product Development Center. Learn how NutriVantage® Nutrition Optimizer® for swine is a research-driven feed supplement designed to help animals achieve optimum nutrition from their diet.

The Effect of Skycis™ In Grow-Finish Pigs

Coming changes to antibiotics regulation in pork production, make it imperative that alternative compounds be developed to help improve performance and/or health of swine. Learn more about Skycis, a newly developed Elanco Product that has shown to improve performance, carcass traits, and economics by producing more favorable energy utilization.

NexGen Nursery Feed Changes

Learn about the changes we made to NexGen line of nursery feed to improve the digestibility of the complete feeds and the amount of nutrition available from the main ingredients by implementing new technologies, all while maintaining a reasonable price.

Innovative New Pig Starter Formulations for Nexgen® 12-17

At the Kent Nutrition Group, we have been evaluating many specialized ingredients during the last 20 years that can help with growth and the immune status of pigs. Learn about what we now utilize within our nursery feed program after extensive research.

Evaluation of Whey Sources in Nexgen® 12-17

Since 2002 we have been using a whey source called Cheese Whey a product very similar to dried whey but a more palatable taste and aroma to pigs. In this study we reevaluate cheese whey compare to dried whey in NexGen 12-17.

Modifying Swine Grow-Finish Diets with Synthetic Amino Acids

With the ever-fluctuating costs of soybean meal and amino acids, it is very important to know how to adjust your feed when prices rise, like the current soybean prices. Continue reading to learn how to properly adjust your feed to use less soybean meal and more synthetic amino acids.

Use of NutriVantage® Technology in Reproductive Swine

NutiVantage Dietary Supplement is a highly refined, flavored and soluble nutritional premix that can help support the gut and immune system. Read to learn the benefits observed in reproductive swine when using NutriVantage.

Effect of VevoVitall® in Nursery Pigs

Recently, there has been increased interest in alternatives to feeding growth-promoting antibiotics for digestive health and efficiency. Continue reading to learn more about VevoVitall, a food-grade quality benzoic acid that has resulted in overall better performance.

Butyric Acid In Pig Feeds & Water Supplements: Not Just Rotten Silage Anymore

Butyric Acid, produced by Clostridium in an aerobic environment, discouraged in the cattle industry as a sign of poor fermentation and increase risk of Ketosis, is gaining acceptance in the swine industry to improve gut health. Learn about how we took advantage of the nutritional benefits of butyric acid.

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