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Sharon White

Sharon White is one of the top event riders in the country, with 25 years of competitive experience in the United States and Europe. She’s a respected trainer and teacher whose uncanny connection with horses is well-known by peers and students alike.

She’s also a self-described perfectionist who pushes herself every day to “be the best of the best.” And providing superior nutrition for her horses is one of the most important components in her winning program.

“We are feeding athletes,” White says. “It’s very important to me that what I’m doing for them is to the absolute best of my ability – taking care of them, training them, producing them and making them the best athletes they can be.”

White has relied on Blue Seal's Sentinel LS feed for the countless horses she’s raised and trained over the years. She’s trusted the formula for as long as she can remember, and she is keenly aware how her “athletes” perform as a result.

“Because of its high-quality, you don’t have to feed a ton of it,” White says. “And they perform extremely well on it.”

Sentinel is a low-starch feed that’s easily digestible, she says. “I know how they eat it, how it makes them feel . . . they’re not crazy on it. It just works.”

While White prepares herself for competitions with her own horses year-round, she also teaches students at Last Frontier Farm in West Virginia and runs a breeding program there. Her students range from beginners to established five-star competitors.

“Riding and training all day every day – there’s nothing better,” White says.

But the days can be long, and the work is demanding and repetitious. White pays close attention to every detail in her operation. She’s laser-focused on how to improve and how to win. The last thing she says she needs to worry about is what she’s feeding her horses.

“I’m not a nutritionist, I’m not an equine specialist in terms of feed,” White says. “Blue Seal is a nutrition company. They do that for me. I don’t have to think about it. I just trust it. That’s means more to me than anything. It’s the single best compliment I can give.”

About Sharon: As a USEA ICP Level 4 instructor with distinction, Sharon strongly supports the sport of Eventing and its future. She is committed to helping develop upper-level riders and also to helping the United States produce top horses. When she’s not working, Sharon enjoys reading, playing racquetball and needlepoint. She has 40 horses and six dogs.


Photos by Jennifer Keeler.

"We are feeding athletes. It's important to me that what I'm doing for them is to the absolute best of my ability."

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