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Your pets trust you to take care of them.
In return, they give you unconditional love.

Just like any family member, you want to provide them with the best. So when you're looking for quality pet nutrition you can depend on, Blue Seal EnTrust pet foods are there for you. EnTrust offers a variety of precisely balanced formulas to meet your pet's specific nutritional needs. Produced in our own manufacturing plants here in the USA, each formula is made from high-quality ingredients, select concentrated meat protein sources, and NutriVantage. Our focus is to provide the very best nutrition to help your pet stay healthy to be their very best.

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Real chicken, pork, or lamb protein

Real Chicken, Pork,
or Lamb Protein

Provide essential amino acids, which dogs and cats need for energy, bone, and muscle development and support of a healthy metabolism.

Enriched with Super Foods

Enriched with
Super Foods

Nourish the body with these nutrient-rich food that help boost energy and keep your pet active and healthy. Super Foods include many fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, raspberries, and sweet potatoes.

Added Prebiotics


Aid in maintaining a healthy digestive tract environment for efficient nutrient digestibility and absorption.

Advanced Antioxidant Package

Antioxidant Package

Consists of stable vitamins and biologically available trace minerals, which aid in the development and support of a strong, healthy immune system.

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Committed to Product Quality

We hold our products to the highest standards from start to finish. Our commitment begins with our animal nutritionists who perfect our products through rigorous research. Our quality products are manufactured and tested every day in our award-winning, certified-safe pet food facilities that ensure our pet nutrition products are consistent and safe.

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